Babayan about the match against Kaysar
20 aug 2023

Astana head coach Grigory Babayan commented on the match against Kaysar.

- There were a lot of chances, 22 shots on target, the forwards, unfortunately, do not score, but, yes, the defender scored. In principle, it was possible to bring this game to victory. Of course, we didn't have enough strength and emotions after a difficult match in Bulgaria. In any case, there was a total advantage, it was necessary to score two or three goals, calmly bring the game to victory. In the end, we didn't have enough strength, we conceded a goal from the penalty spot, but we should have won.

- Watching the statistics of the team, Astana has not won the fifth match. If you look at the selection, there is not a single scoring striker. All are physically weak or old, it feels like they are afraid to hit or miss the target. At this pace, the team will not win the championship for sure and now we are ahead of the Conference League with such a team we will not go far. What can be done about it? Or a question for managers to strengthen the team?
- You are right about the last five games. As soon as European competitions start, we lose points in the championship, it's true. I have already said that there are difficulties emotionally. It's not just us, all the teams in Kazakhstan, in Europe - those who play in European competition lose points. This is an irreversible process.

As for our forwards, yes, they don't score. Yes, they don't use a lot. We took those whom we could take, that's a fact. As for the reinforcement, the transfer window is now closed and only free agents can be taken. And it is difficult to find a quality free player.

In the Conference League, you need to give everything you have, you need to do everything to reach the group stage. This is the main task now.

- After the Conference League, in case of failure, you do not consider resignation?
- This question is not for me, but for the management of the club. I can not answer this question. If they make such a decision - there are no questions.

- You yourself did not raise such a question? For example, if I, as the CEO of some organization, do not fulfill the plan, then I write a statement and resign. I have nothing against you, I mean that's what people usually do.
- Now I don’t want to think about it, because there is so much negativity around. For us, the most important thing is to prepare well for the next match. You know, one defeat, the second defeat, lost points - all this accumulates, and the guys have to play every 3-4 days. Therefore, I don’t want to talk about the negative, I told the guys: “Yes, we didn’t score, we didn’t manage to win, but I am responsible. The Conference League is ahead, we need to prepare for this match.”

- Astana scored more than two goals in the championship only Kyzylzhar. Why such a trend? And a question about Tomasov, Jovancic. They don't fit into the game at all. Why not declare them and find more worthy legionnaires. Let them not be quite ready physically, but prepare for the group stage. Now legionnaires do not show the level that they should demonstrate.
- As for the withdrawal, the players have valid contracts. We have a certain number of legionnaires, there are only eight of them, and if you take the ninth, then according to the situation, you have to pay about 55 million tenge to the federation.

- The budget does not master it?
- No, we can't take more legionnaires. It wasn't even discussed. And now, four days before the Conference League - to raise such a question ... Now I have a different vision: I need to unite everyone, get everyone together.

- As for selection, did you do it yourself? Because the three central defenders are old and physically do not have time. For example, in a match with Ludogorets, the opponent easily “rolled out” the defense, the defense did not have time.
- Now there is no need to criticize every player. These guys played good games, they put on a good streak. As for the selection - of course, there are many questions. We didn't get the players we wanted: neither in attack nor in defense. Later we got the players. Everything started very differently. We would not let go of the same Pedro Eugenio, who became the league's top scorer. We didn't want to let Lebon go either. It all worked out that way.

- Everything rested on the budget?
- There were a lot of problems at the beginning of the year. In January it dragged on for a long time with Lebon, Eugenio and Polyakov. We didn't want to let them go. They went through the December training camp with us and the club said to wait for the extension of the contract. In the January training camp, the players were waiting for an extension, they were told that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we would sign. As a result, Lebon had a great offer and of course he left. They said that they would sign Eugenio the other day, as a result, they could not sign a contract with him and he had a super-offer from Saudi Arabia. He waited a month.

Of course, there is a selection issue and they are serious. But that doesn't make it any easier for us. We need to play with who we have. We need to get ready for the next match. These two matches in European competition are key.

- Astana often delivers corners, but does not receive any dividends from this. Is it possible to change tactics and play the ball?
- Today we played, you saw there were three draws. There are such moments, for example: Marochkin samples

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