Rakhat Maratov is the Best Player of the match Astana-Y vs Tobol-Y
30 sep 2020

The analytical company Instat, based on the statistics of football players, calculates the Index of Player’s Actions.

Based on the Index, defender Rakhat Maratov became the Best Player of the Second League match Astana-Y vs Tobol-Y. The 19-year-old defender of the capital team managed to win 86% of the challenges, with that showing 100% in the aerial duels.

Another defender, Baurzhan Akhayev is in second place. He managed to become the leader on the number of fouls earned – the opponent broke the rules three times on him, as well as one of the leaders on the number of interceptions.

Samat Mazhit completed the Top-3.

Top-5 of players of the match according to Intstat Index:

1. Rakhat Maratov 209

2. Baurzhan Akhayev 207

3. Samat Mazhit 202

4. Meirambek Kalmyrza 191

5. Nagda Bakizhev 183

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