Achievements and records
2009 год

The club immediately from the first call set itself lofty goals, inviting strong performers to its squad, including the Russians, Andrey Tikhonov and Yegor Titov. Their compatriot Sergei Yuran became the Head Coach of the team. To the famous foreign players the backbone of Kazakhstani performers was added, but the championship was not conquered from the first year. Losing to FC Aktobe, the team took 2nd place in the Championship and in the Kazakhstan Cup was also relegated, losing to the Western Kazakhstan club.

2nd place of the Kazakhstan Championship
2010 год

Second year and first trophy. Despite the not quite successful performance in the Kazakhstan Championship under the management of the German coach Holger Fach, the team made quite a splash in the Cup of the country. In the cup tournament, the goalkeeper Aleksey Belkin set a unique achievement, not conceding a single goal. And the striking duo of Valeriu Andronic and Igor Bugaev ensured the victorious result.

Kazakhstan Cup Winner
2011 год

The second year under the management of Fach began in the best way possible. The team managed to win the Kazakhstan Super Cup, beating the champions FC Tobol from Kostanay. But in the championship there was not enough strength reserve at the end to climb the podium, as a result, two defeats at the end of the season against Ordabasy, and against Shakhter, who were rushing in to the championship, cost the Astana team the medals of the Championship 2011.

Kazakhstan Super Cup Winner
2012 год

The team began preparations for the season, and accordingly the season itself, under the management of Ukrainian coach Valeriy Protasov. However, having failed the start of the season, the coaching staff headed by the Ukrainian resigned, after a short work of Grigoriy Babayan as an acting head coach, the team was headed by the Czech Miroslav Beranek, who combined posts in the national team and the club. Unfortunately, the Czech did not manage to rectify the situation in the championship, but in the Kazakhstan Cup everything was different. FC Astana, having beaten FC Irtysh, wins its second ever Cup of the country.

Kazakhstan Cup Winner
2013 год

In the season 2013, a long-awaited event took place – the team made its debut in the Europa League. But in the 1st round, Astana was defeated by the Bulgarian Botev, headed by the future coach of the capital team Stanimir Stoilov. After a loud elimination from European Competitions, Miroslav Beranek left the team, and his place was taken by Ioan Andone, who led the team to the second victory podium in the history of the club – the second place in the Kazakhstan Championship and the right to play in the Europa League again.

2nd place in the Championship of the Republic of K
2014 год

The season 2014 starts with Vadim Abramov at the helm of the team, but after working for about a week in FC Astana, the Uzbek coach returns to his homeland. Grigoriy Babayan takes over the team. Under the management of Grigoriy Babayan, the team was confidently going in the championship and preparing for the second start in European Competitions. Before the start in the Europa League, FC Astana is headed by Stanimir Stoilov, whose name in the future will be associated with all the successes of the capital club. From the very first attempt, the Bulgarian wins the first gold in the Premier League, and in European Competitions he sensationally reaches the playoff round, where he was inferior to the Spanish Villarreal.

Kazakhstan Champion
Play-off round of the Europa League
2015 год

In the opening match of the season 2015 Stanimir Stoilov’s team beats FC Kairat in a penalty shootout and receives the cherished Kazakhstan Super Cup from the hands of the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbaev. Further – it is more, FC Astana makes sensation, having beaten the champions of Slovenia, Finland and Cyprus, for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan football they qualify to the Group Stage of the Champions League, where they fight head to head against Atlético Madrid, Galatasaray and Benfica. In the championship, things were not working out, but the percussive ending of the season allowed Astana to win their second gold in a row.

Kazakhstan Champion
Kazakhstan Super Cup
Group Stage of the Champions League
2016 год

The season 2016 became, despite the defeat in the match for the Kazakhstan Super Cup, another triumph for the capital team. The Kazakhstan Championship was won for the third time in the history of the club. In European Competitions, thanks to the victory over the Champion of Belarus FC BATE, Stanimir Stoilov’s players qualified to the Group Stage of the Europa League, where they met with the Greek Olympiacos, the Swiss Young Boys and the Cyprian APOEL. It was over the latter that the club’s historic first victory in the group stages of European Competitions was won. Well, the icing on the cake this season was the victory in the Kazakhstan Cup, in the final match in Almaty FC Kairat was beaten with a score of 1:0.

Kazakhstan Champion
Group Stage of the Europa League
Kazakhstan Cup Winner
2017 год

The season 2017 again became historical for FC Astana and all Kazakhstan football. The reason was the capital team’s players under the management of Stanimir Stoilov managed to advance from the Group Stage of the Europa League, leaving behind the Czech Slavia and the Israeli Maccabi. In the round 32, they were awaited by the Portuguese Sporting. In the championship, everything also ended well for Astana, 4th title of the Champion of the country was won.

Kazakhstan Champion
Advancing to the Round 32 of the Europa League
2018 год

After an early start of the season associated with the Europa League matches against the Portuguese Sporting, the Head Coach of the team Stanimir Stoilov took over the National Team of Kazakhstan. Grigoriy Babayan took the helm of FC Astana. The team was in first place in the Kazakhstan Championship, and in the summer a contract was signed with the new Head Coach Roman Grigorchuk. Roman Grigorchuk led the team until the play-off round of the Europa League, prior to the match against APOEL the coach was forced to go home for family reasons. Grigoriy Babayan again came to the rescue, leading the team to the Group Stage of the Europa League, and also winning another championship title with it.

Kazakhstan Champion
Kazakhstan Super Cup
Group Stage of the Europa League
2019 год

Roman Grigorchuk, who returned to work after solving his problems at home, took over the team for the season 2019. Having started abruptly with a victory in Almaty over FC Kairat, the team won the Super Cup of the country in a confident manner. In European Competitions, losing to the Romanian champion CFR, the team continued their path in the Europa League, eventually qualifying to the group stage, where they later had a historic home victory over Manchester United with a score of 2:1. There was intrigue in the championship until the penultimate round, but the victory in Kostanay over FC Tobol allowed Astana to win the title of the strongest team of the country for the 6th year in a row.

Kazakhstan Champion
Kazakhstan Super Cup
Group Stage of the Europa League
2020 год

Before the season 2020, the Czech specialist Michal Bilek takes the lead of the team. Under his management the team beat FC Kaysar in the opening match, thereby winning the Kazakhstan Super Cup with the team. And then the story goes on...

Kazakhstan Super Cup