Kirill Maliev: “The hardest thing in football is to overcome your laziness”
Maliev Kirill Petrovich has been working in the football center at the football club since 2012, coaching young sportsmen.
27 mar 2020
In an interview with the page "Unions of youth football schools" of the city of Nur-Sultan, Kirill Petrovich spoke about himself and the goals that his pupils set.

-How did you come to sports? Why football?

- Physical education teacher Azovskaya Valentina Yuryevna said that her husband, Azov Ivan Gennadievich, is recruiting boys. And I went with my older brother and signed up. I liked to play, and I enjoyed football.

“What do you like about him?”

- Excitement, speed, thinking, emotions.

- Which of the famous athletes did you play with at a junior age?

- Ruslan Kenetaev, Kuanysh Abdualiev.


- The most memorable competitions?

- Championship of Kazakhstan among 1988 years of birth. When we became champions.

- What is the hardest thing about this sport? - Overcome your laziness. This is exactly what our children are lacking now.

- Tell us about your coaching career?

- My coaching career began in 2012. When did the first football centers open in Kazakhstan. Then the interview was conducted by Anatoly Yurevich - this is how my coaching work began at the football center.

- Tell about your family?

- Mom has my head teacher at 5 capital’s gymnasium. Dad is a driver. Big brother is an IT specialist. My wife is engaged in 3D visualization.


- Have your children been sent to this sport? - If they have a desire and it turns out let them do it. - Do I need support for private children’s football from the state? - Necessarily needed. - A wish to the young athletes. - Whatever you do and whatever you do, give all your strength. And most importantly, set goals and achieve them. You didn't lose until you gave up.

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