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Paul Ashworth: “The team deserved this victory”
In the 11th Round FC Astana beat FC Zhetysu with a score of 3:0.
27 sep 2020

In an interview with the Press Service of the club the Acting Head Coach Paul Ashworth spoke about the victory, injured players and free and corner kicks:

- I am very pleased with the whole team. It is very difficult to play every three days, but the players gave their maximum strength and deserved this victory. There was a small segment when we didn’t play very well, but it’s hard for any team to play 90 minutes without mistakes. We could have scored more, but the team showed a good game and controlled the ball.

- To what extent does the team show the football that you want to see?

- Today it is 90%, it will never be 100%. In the first half we could have played sharper, but in the second half we could have scored even more. But you can't relax, you need to seriously prepare for the next match, because everything restarts from zero again.

- I can’t help but ask about the injured players, when will the players recover?

- We will watch for their recovery. I hope that Dima and Nenad will recover soon, Ivan has a broken nose, which does not allow him to be ready yet. We will also look at the state of Yura, and then draw conclusions.

- The team wins the second match, scoring from free and corner kicks . Can we say that this is becoming the main trump card of FC Astana?

- Look at Zhetysu – they scored 9 of their goals after the free and corner kicks. I don’t know the exact statistics, but about 50% of all goals are scored either after the free/corner kick or at the second pace.

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