Runar Mar Sigurjonsson scored 20 effective points on the Goal + Pass System
In the 11th Round FC Astana beat FC Zhetysuwith a score of 3:0.
28 sep 2020

The goals were scored by Zarko Tomasevic, who scored a brace, and Abzal Beisebekov. With Tomasevic’s second goal, Runar Mar Sigurjonsson scored an assist.

For the Icelander, this assist became 8th in the squad of FC Astana, thus Runar scored 20 effective points (12 + 8) according to the Goal + Pass System in 34 matches for the capital club.

It should be noted that according to this indicator, he is included in the Top-5 of players from the current squad of FC Astana. Only Marin Tomasov (50 + 44), Dmitriy Shomko (12 + 46), Abzal Beisebekov (9 + 19) and Alexey Chshyotkin (14 + 8) have more effective actions than Sigurjonsson.

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