Zarko Tomasevic is the Best Player of the match against FC Zhetysu
29 sep 2020

The analytical company Instat defines the Index, which includes all the statistics of football players.

Based on this Index, defender Zarko Tomasevic became the Best Player in the match against FC Zhetysu. The Montenegrin managed to score against the opponent twice, and also became the most striking player of the match, delivering 4 shots. In addition, Zarko won 81% of challenges and made 90% of accurate passes.

Abzal Beisebekov is in second place. He became the leader of the match in terms of the number of interceptions (11), as well as the author of the third goal against the Taldykorgan team.

The Croatian became the best in the number of key passes (4) and passes into the penalty box (14).

Top-5 of players by Index:

1. Zarko Tomasevic 361

2. Abzal Beisebekov 299

3. Marin Tomasov 286

4. Uros Radakovic 280

5. Tigran Barseghyan 271

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